Voices of participants about “The Shift”

Voices of participants about “The Shift”

“Feel the SHIFT- It’s gorgious, nothing will be the way it used to be.
For me, it was so valuable to see what father-mother implants still do to me.
Release pain, let go of grief, transformation. Turn it around.
Feeling, sensing, enjoying, looking forward, fulfilled with joy. Enjoy the experience – come in & try.
It feels wonderful. Being in BEING, happiness, spirit … Feel it. ”


“Whoever you are, you should come, because the time has come …
because your LIFE is calling you. No matter what you look like, you’ve lived so far,
how old you are: Let the magic into your life and live your life. ”


“You can not put this process into words. You MUST experience it … indescribable … unimaginable … gigantic … peace …
love … remembering … shaping … thriving … walking … feeling … rising. .. feeling … trust … experiencing … ”

“You start the journey to yourself. You will meet the original part of yourself if you give an inner YES.
You will get to know your depth, feel your pain. Your cells will rebel, maybe your head will shatter.
You will feel & meet your fear and then, yes you will live fully !!!
You will slide into your life like through a birth canal supported & guided with love, mindfulness , appreciation,
lovingly wrapped in the group with Christina and especially with yourself.
I went through all this and now I have a real YES to myself. And believe me.
I’ve done quite a bit in that direction, but here I have found ME. ”


“THE SHIFT is a sea of ​​high waves that will not let you drown
but carry you far into the sea of ​​LOVE and
get you to a place, where everything which is poisonous, restricted and
burdened rinsed off by countless tears of happiness. ”

“What a miracle …
This life … to feel as part of the whole with all liveliness & energies.
The sense to be here.
Ride on the waves, trust and open yourself. It is a present”


“Are you ready to look at everything?
To meet your greatest pain … to feel it?
To open yourself so completely, to experience your essence your greatest desire of the heart?
Do you want to get completely into your body, in every cell … and make everything in you flow?
Are you ready to live your truth?
The Shift is a wonderful and magical seminar,
that led you in a very loving frame and powerful …
pointing the way to the sky and to bring it to this planet … nothing more, nothing less. ”

… lets you meet yourself and others, who are allowed to be mirrors to you, just as you are one of them.
… lets you recognize patterns, live through them and dissolve them – felt and strengthened in the body
… lets you experience love, mindfulness, respect, trust, vulnerability, openness, masculinity,
femininity as well as the qualities of touch in you and in a sheltered groupspace
… lets you dance and get moved
… gives you unique cosmic experiences filled with energies
… lets you grow – at your own pace and with support
… lets you experience limits and enrichment as you expand them
… lets you know that you are never alone. ”

“You’re wondering if you really should do this seminar, yes, of course.
Otherwise you would not have encountered it. Let yourself be led and seduced by your body and
meet yourself like never before. You will find a loving spiritual space and
be accompanied and sustained on your path of love, mindfulness and respect.
Get involved with your body and the universe will open all doors and gates for you.
Are you scared? Well, then you are on the right track.
Trust and believe that you will find love for yourself. It’s already here. “

“Why I came: healing
what I got was the universe, a life, my center, my purpose,
an initiation, women, men, my uterus, being with what is. My birth – aliveness.
I wish you that you get what you want in your life … ”

The Shift in Nederland van 9 tot 16 maart 2018


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