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A traditional Tibetan Tantra massage.


Tibetaanse tantra massage

The energetic, physical and mental balance of a person is determined to a large extent by conditioning, barriers, ignorance, aversion, or desire.

The Tibetan Tantra massage focuses on “prana” (life’s energy). Concentrating on energy channels, chakras, and meridians to put them in balance and free them from obstructions (kalapas). A Trantra massage is not an experience for just pleasure or ecstasy. These massage sessions have a much deeper impact and cover a much wider area. Body and spirit are more in tune making you a healthier, stronger and more radiant person. Tantra ultimately aims to make you increasingly free and independent of all conceptual constructions, desires, and sexual issues.

Your masseuse helps to further your personal development by offering a strong and grounding presence with empathy and deep understanding. The masseuse is totally committed and completely focused on the recipient.

The receiver has the opportunity to experience the miraculous processes that occur during a pure and sincere session. There are no rules or dogmas in the Tibetan Buddhist tantra tradition… It is only limited to the prana present at that time.

Therefore, it is not possible to say in advance exactly what will happen during the massage. As the masseuse I have a large arsenal of possibilities that I can utilize in a situation and see what is appropriate.

This requires high integrity and professionalism of the masseuse as well as trust and surrender of the recipient. This surrender and trust usually comes naturally during the massage and is called a “metta-ji” or “namaste-ji”. This is a state of being in which ones ego is partially or completely absent.


Tantra always strives for balance. That is why tantra can be physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually healing. Results may vary based on each session.

Although you do not need to be in balance at the start of a session, this balance must be reached in order to achieve the state of “metta-ji”. When two people enter into a tantra session there are three systems which can be in balance:

* person A is in balance

* person B is in balance

* The energetic interaction between person A and B is balanced. If this is the case, there are no obstructions or blockages. No barriers, conditions, boundaries, norms and values, cultivation, or embarassment.

The duration of the session is determined by when the energy is in balance. The session can only be complete when there is balance so limits and boundaries are not necessary. The energy is the limit.

This form of total surrender without desire, without aversion, is Metta in the most pure form, hence the addition -ji: Metta-ji.

Metta-ji is not something you can evoke, but you can work towards it.

You can reach Metta-ji with anyone, your own partner or even a stranger.

A state of Metta-ji is achieved in every session that we offer, even if you do not know each other’s name or background.

Metta-ji is a state of absolute love in its most pure form and is therefore sometimes called the “Sacred Marriage”. You have never loved someone this much.

But as soon as the session is over, the Metta-ji is over as well.

You take only its shadow with you but not the craving or desire.

You go back to Samsara (life) and the love flows within you because you are still in balance.


Come in and experience…

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