from 12th until 19th august 2018 Sadhaka Tibetan Tantra Massage Course “Prana & Connection”

Information tantra massage course Sadhaka France 2018

Sadhaka Tibetan Tantra Massage Course “Prana & Connection” from 12th until 19th august 2018

This summer 2018, Johan Raaimakers (Tantra-Atma) gives another Tantric massage course at the beautiful home of Sadhaka retreat center in France. In this week you will experience the power of Prana and learn how to use Prana to (re)connect with yourself in relation with someone else. Moreover, we offer several other activities that help you to connect on a deeper level and provide you with tools usefull for the rest of your life. A week that will change your life.

The Tantric massage course is built up from the view of the Tibetian Boedhists, where Prana is the guiding principle. In this week you will learn a wide scala of techniques to waken up the Prana in the body that includes facets from the old Sweda massage, Vedic massage, Kashmir massage, duo Yoga and meditative massage. So with bits and peaces from all different linages we will create one Tantric massage session. Next to the techniques and knowledge from the Tibetian Boedhists, the massage course will provide you with insights and observations on yourself as by giving, receiving and really feel, personal processes can be initiated….that is the power of Prana.

For whom is the course meant?

The Tibetan massage course is intended for anyone, male or female of any sexual preference, love couples or just as friends, young or old, married or in love. The past has shown that the lessons learned within the workshop have created positive and valuable effects on life. Tantra is an individual path that is mirrored or reinforced by being connected with one another. 1 + 1 = 3. Here the Tibetan Tantra teaches you the equivalence to the other and raises questions like ‘are you a giver or a receiver? Are you more comfortable to follow or do you like to take the lead? Do you take responsability whithin a touch or will you let someone cross your borders easily? which in turn clogs your energy flow. All are topics that could come up within the safe space that we create during a Tantric massage courses or workshops.

As of the International interest the language spoken will be English and Dutch.


There is a lot to tell about the content and effects of a Tantric massage workshop, but best is just to experience it yourself. But very importent to mention are the four pillars that the workshop and courses are built on: 1. Trust 2. Surrender 3. equivalence 4. aimlessness. These four elements will anchor when Prana (life energy) flows, and just that is what it’s all about in Tibetian Tantra. When Prana is the main energy in the body it will take it’s lead, and as it is neutral energy, you will feel as such. The massage classes have a lasting effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body which in turn creates balance and a sence of peace to live a more conscious life.

The content


The Prana & Connection course will be devided over 5,5 days, morning and afternoon, and the classes will be structured towards giving a full body Prana flow session. You will learn what Prana is, how to generate it in the body, how it feels and why Prana is so important. During the course you will work with a partner, where both of you regularly change from being a giver to a receiver. You will learn about the massage and it’s techniques step by step. After a short demonstration, you will start massaging each other where you will be guided continously. Next to the practical massage classes, we also offer other elements to create a more diverse experience. Dance, Yoga and Meditation are as important parts of the course as they bring more awaremenss that is in turn needed for a deeper practice. With Tantra massage it’s common that both the giver and the receiver are naked. However, it is not a requirement. Everyone is responsible for his or her own boundaries, and to be respectful to the boundaries of another. If nudity is a no go for you, it may be better to first overcome this fear before subscribing for this course.

Provisional program

All cource days start at 10.00 am until 18.00 pm, in which we hava a (lunch) break from 12.30 pm until 15.00 pm. Every morning before breakfast it’s optional to join for a short Yoga practice where we will do some sunsalutations to waken up de body. Every evening there will be a different activity offered by the Sadhaka-team e.g sauna, music or a creative game, besides on Wednesday, which is a free afternoon. Usually, we will start the class with an active or passive meditation, dance or yoga exercise.

Sunday: arrival day, settling in, dinner, introduction and information, the Sadhaka name-game, time to chill and get to know each other.

Monday: introduction of the group and start with massaging the back of the body where you learn the upper back massage techniques. In the afternoon we also include the lower back.

Tuesday: repeticion of the previous day plus elaboration of the techniques learned so far. In the afternoon we will focus on mixing the upper and lower back energy and what to do next.

Wednesday: today we start with the front of the body; chest, head, belly, pelvis and legs. We will learn different postures and possibilities that relate to the front of the body. You will learn various postures and techniques all suitable for the front of the body.

Thursday: this morning we will start with the 5 rhythms dance to raise energy that will be used for the 5 element massage that we will give each other. In the afternoon there is no program so you have some time to explore the area, enjoy the sun or take a swim.

Friday: the morning we will review all the techniques learned to create Prana as well as some new techniques to turn the receiver to its back, and some duo Yoga that will be continued in the afternoon.

Saturday: today, we will go deeper into any uncertainties or difficulties you may encounter. From there we start working on a whole session. We aim to give a complete massage session to each other on Friday afternoon from at least 1 to 1.5 hours.

Sunday: the morning of farewell and departure.


This course is not accompanied by certificates and / or qualifications. There are some differences in styles and ways of teachings in the Old East compared to the West, certainly concerning spirituality. A diploma or certificate suggests something that is not yet understood in depth. If we deeply understand it, we also understand that a diploma or certificate is actually an illusion. More important in spiritual growth is knowledge, experience and intuition. All of equal importance, like a strong triangle formed base. If one only puts focus on one of the 3 elements, there is no balance. All 3 pilars are as important, and will be discussed with the equivalent attention in the course so that knowledge, experience / practise and intuition enhance each other towards pure knowledge. That exactly is what we are going to do; supplement and support each other on the beautiful path called Tantra.

Tantra prana flow massage


You are more than welcome! Please sign up as a couple (lovers or just as friends). But also if you are single and willing to share this experience with another single partner that subscribes for the course, you are more than welcome. It is possible to stay with the same partner the whole course or if you like you may also change partners at some point. We aim for an equal balance of woman (shakti’s) and men (shiva’s).

Mattresses with covers are available for use in the beautiful Yoga shala.

What to bring; your favorite massage oil, large and small towels and fleece or other blankets. The course also includes a digital course book that you will receive beforehand to your email address. Are you excited and

would you like to read more about the vision and benefits of Tibetan Buddhism? Then you can download the e-book on the website “wat Tantra voor mij kan betekenen” (in Dutch) for free.

See you soon in the beautiful nature of France!


6 person room (mixed male/female): € 605,-

4 person room (family room): € 695,-

3 person room (family room): € 735.-

2 person room (couples): € 800,-

1 person room (single): € 900,-

Sadhaka vakanties

Bring your own tent: € 695,-

Bring your own caravan/camper: € 720,-

1 or 2 person ready made tent: € 740,-

1 or 2 person ready made caravan: € 800,-

Prices are per person, all inclusive the course, 7 nights, food, drinks with the meals, fresh fruit, coffee & thee and the evening activities. Alcoholic drinks are sold for a small price.

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Love & Light

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