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Below you will find some references and recommendations from others regarding my Tantra massage sessions and treatments. I would appreciate it if you would share your experiences with me, as well as others, so that the energy of my intentions can constantly flow.

You can do this by sending me a personal e-mail by using the contact/mail link on this website.


“Johan held a mirror before me. In my reflection I could see my vulnerability, fragility, sensuality and divinity. The power and tenderness of this intimate bodywork he offers is breathtaking in its respectfulness and responsiveness. My heart felt absolutely raw and naked but at the same time held in the safest and most loving hands. Within seconds of surrendering myself to Johan’s bodywork – I knew my life would never be the same again. With the simplest of tender gestures he unleashed great waves of pain from my deeply wounded body and heart. Again and again and again. I couldn’t believe the complexity and textural variety of the physical and emotional terrain we navigated in one session together. From howling grief to whisperings and the softest of caresses. By the end I was left in a state of the sweetest bliss and most profound peace. Feeling so deeply supported and absolutely blessed to have had this life-changing experience with this divinely-gifted man. Johan taught me this: that experiencing states of absolute bliss, of ecstatic vibration, is not only possible for ancient mystics or the most enlightened of gurus. It is available to me. Right now. Here on earth. In this body. What a revelation!” “I’d wondered how on earth I could carry the blessings I’d received in this work with Johan out into my world, my life… but the answer fell into my hands without struggle the evening after my last session. Simply surrendering to living from the newly discovered fullness in this heart of mine. Not only did I receive the blessings of Johan’s work – but I was privileged to witness the transformation in other women he was working with. No words needed. I could see the magical shift in their bodies, in their faces, in the way they moved.” I send you much love and thankfulness for these gifts you offer.



Dear Johan, After your tantric experience yesterday… I received so much, I released so much and I enjoyed so much. As a woman I can openly say you are completely trustworthy in your approach to female body, Your intention is clear and i could open up completely. i loved your juicy, present touch, full of attention where I am and also giving rest to my cramped muscles. Variety of touch triggered me to go deeper. Energy- shamanic healing fantastic. Your caress and love present in the hard moments.. and yoni massage, ufff. i needed that so much. Big thanks




It is amazing what Johan can do. With his empathy and loving touch he managed to build up trust in me – what is not easy, I must admit – so that I could start to let go and let loose. With his empathy, his intuition for my needs and amazing skills he did not only awake my energies so that they can nourish my body and life but also helped to make my back less tense and therefore less pain. To me it feels like I have pulsing life in my veins now, a feeling I haven’t experienced in such an overwhelming fullness ever before. Thank you so much Johan.


Hi Johan, allowing myself to be fully absorbed in the tantra massage and to let go all my boundaries and inhibitions and fears and judgements with you and just be so in my body and in my pleasure and senses and oneness with the universe and experience to the core my sexual energy and my intense aliveness woke me up into being so much more present to myself. I felt so cared for and given to and accepted and nourished by the experience with you and your exquisite attention and presence that never wavered but stood clear and firm and present with me. Your generosity in what you give as a gift with no ties shifted my consciousness in some way – I’m not quite sure how exactly but I feel more fully alive and present to myself as a beautiful human being open to receiving. Thank you Beautiful Man for the experience. Blessings and love to you..

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