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There is a lot of ignorance and confusion within the Western Tantra Tradition. I will try to make everything as clear as possible, from my perspective, on the subject without detracting from the mysticism and curiosity that is inextricably intertwined with Tantra. I prefer to preserve this mysticism because not everything can be explained rationally. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions, which I will try to answer to the best of my ability. If you have any additional questions please contact me through my contact link. Nudity In a Tantra massage, the giver and receiver are both naked.

Should this be an issue for you then I will conform to the garments you would like to wear. This means that if you are not ready to be naked during the massage and you would prefer to keep on your undergarments, I will keep them on as well.

If your feet are cold and you would like to wear socks, I will also wear socks. By doing this we will be dressed the same way and be in balance with each other.

A question that is often asked is why is the massuse required to be naked as well during the massage.

Tantra is not just any massage. It only works when there is a pure connection between the giver and the receiver

Openness and purity is of major importance in order to be able to reach a state of trust and surrender, or Metta-ji.

Being naked is the way to literally and figuratively expose oneself completely. It is also the first step to overcoming shame, dogmas, or conditioning.

It is about equality and openness towards one another.

Clothing can be quite inconvenient during a massage as well. Intimacy and sexual energy Although we are equal during a tantra massage, there is always a giver and a receiver. It is possible that the receiver will develop feelings of lust towards the giver, but this is by no means the intent. Mutual contact or touch is very conducive in a massage in order to achieve a state of Metta-Ji.

Sexual energy, lust, passion, erection, and orgasm are all critical issues within the Tandra tradition. For one movement it is taboo, but for another it is the goal in itself. But in reality the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It is possible to move on from Tantra to tantric sex and let this turn into the opportunity for great lovemaking.

There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary there is more, and you can reach that by staying in control of your sexual energy and staying balanced. Sexual energy is a by-product of the Tantra and is not wrong at all. Accept that it is there, just do not surrender to it.

If you get an erection or become moist during the session, remember it is just a bodily sensation. Do not go down that path. Every sensation is a reaction of energy flowing within the body. While using the Tibetan Tantra method we endeavour to stay within the Prana energy as well as the largest amount of energy present at that time. But sometimes we play with sexual energy to trigger or overcome something. This can be desire or aversion of sexual energy. Will my Yoni/Lingam be massaged during the session?

That is not necessary or standard in a tantra massage and depends upon the moment and the rules that have been set beforehand. Naturally it will only happen with your permission. I will then go back to the connection within the Metta-Ji using Prana as a boundary. As a giver I take full responsibility for my actions. That is why I constantly aspire to create a personal balance and use my experience, knowledge, and intuition during each session. I also go by the universal law that for every action there is a reaction and when one of my actions is not pure, there will be consequences.

Can I use Tantra for all of my ailments?

It is actually true that Tantra can help in every situation. However, Tantra is not a panacea but a process to bring transparency. Who are you really and how is it possible that your emotions and thoughts have such a big impact on your whole system?

It is not logical that you are subjected to those thoughts and emotions. You are in control of your emotions not the other way around.

Finding and keeping balance is important and understanding the source of your imbalance is even more important.

For this I offer a tantric session in support of the process.

Sometimes this process can be resolved in a single or just a few sessions, othertimes it takes a bit longer.

Trust and security A professional practitioner must adhere to protocols and ethical guidelines. These are stated within the professional association’s laws and standards for professionals in the field of complementary, integral, and transpersonal sexological domains. “The Connection”

Trust and surrender in the giver are the main points to allow you to grow.


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