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Cost 1-1-2023

apoindment time:                               massage tijd:                             Prijs:

2.0-2.5 uur                                    1.5 uur                                         150 euro

2.5-3.0 uur                                     2 uur                                           180 euro

The Tibetan Tantra massage does not have any set rules. People tend to say: “The massage does not define the balance but the balance defines the massage.”

The massage takes place in a relaxed and clean space on a mattress on the floor. You do not need to bring anything. Everything that is needed is there: a shower, a towel, as well as massage oil. If you prefer to be massaged with your own personal brand of oil or if you prefer to bring your own blanket, you are welcome to.

I have extensive knowledge of a variety of different techniques and possibilities that I can apply as needed. I will explain the various techniques at the bottom of the page.

First massage (intake) 150 Euro

I advise you to sign up for an intake massage as your first time. The intake massage will end with an evaluation. The entire session will have a duration of about two hours of which 1 1/2 hours is spent on the massage and the remainder will include an evaluation. The price listed above is applicable only upon your first visit.

Customized and balance massage: 1.5 hours massage 150 Euro, 2 hours massage 180 Euro

During this session we will discuss what is needed and where your problem area’s are located. Together we will decide which techniques will be the most effective. A few of the techniques I can apply are Sveda massage, Vedic massage, Kashmir massage, deblocking/deamoring massage, duo yoga massage, as well as meditative massage.

Other possibilities include: four-hands massage, Couples massage, Duo massage, Massage training

Sveda massage: this massage is what I use to stimulate the life energy (prana). It is used in preparation for the Tantra massage. After making the initial contact, I stimulate the Shiva energy; this the the male energy that mainly resides at the top of the back. I will then stimulate the lower back, bottom, and legs where I awaken the female Parvati/Shaki energy. When these two energies have been awakened we can then venture into the Tantra or relaxation massage.

Vedic massage: The counterpart of the Sveda massage technique, which can be quite firm. The Vedic massage is much softer. Our skin is our biggest organ and this is stimulated by the Vedic massage. At the beginning of the session I use hardly any oil. The skin is stimulated with soft touch, occasionally I it will also include the use of props. As the session evolves I use more oil, either warm or cold, and I massage the skin with subtle stimulation. This technique can also be used if you have aching muscles, arthritis, or other muscle/skin conditions. This enables you to reach a state of pure relaxation.

Kashmir massage: The Kashmir Tantra tradition I apply is much broader and complex. With the Kashmir tradition I usually use a soft touch massage. I follow the energy created from the Sweda massage and distribute that from the top of your head all the way to your toes. By stimulating this energy I distribute the energy of the body as a whole, using the Kashmir technique, all the way into the core of the cells. By doing this I try to create total surrender and relaxation.

Deblocking / deamorming massage: I apply this technique whenever there are trauma’s, blockages, persistent conditions, or aversions in the lower chakra’s and pelvic area. We investigate this together, in a safe way, while staying in touch mentally and physically. These techniques are more intimate and more profound on a mental and emotional level. We discuss the steps to be taken within this massage in a safe and trusting environment. There is a consultation as well as conversations that always precede this massage session.

Duo yoga: This technique is used to help you surrender your inhibitions in a healing way. While positioning and holding your body in different yoga poses, I massage the tense muscles in order to remove any waste products and stimulate flow.

Meditative massage: This technique, of sustained gentle movements and/or rocking, I often put at the end of a deep massage where surrender is totally present and there is a large flow of Prana in a state of Metta (loving kindness). The meditative movements and overall presence of your feelings will help you gain insight, heal, and transform old patterns.

Tantra massage: During this session I can apply all the aforementioned techniques. Whatever is desirable and has reason to be used can be utilized within the Metta-ji. I will of course consider the circumstances and existing boundaries you want to set but I will also challenge you to surrender your inhibitions and extend your boundaries whether they be physical, mental, or emotional.


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