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Life can be very complex as well as basic.

Life has pleasures but can also be painful.

Life has fears, jealousy, and sorrow.

But life can also bring tranquility, inner peace, and enlightment.

A life without a past that limits you.

A life without fear for the future.

A life in the here and now.

A life that follows the flow of life’s energy.

Do you want to surrender to all of this in a safe environment?

Do you want to extend yourself and explore your limits?

Do you want to have a connection to, and trust in, your own energy?

Do you want to be supported and coached to find your inner self?

Do you want loving attention?

Do you want a pure experience?

Do you want a connection?

If so, I invite you to experience a tantra massage treatment, performed in a safe environment, in the Tibetan Buddist way of compassion and non-duality.

To experience what it is like to be in harmony of your thoughts, to feel your body within the flow of life’s energy, to step out of your comfort zone, and to gain insights into your imbalance and conditioning. Similar to the discovery of a region that is unknown or inaccessible. Are you curious about what you might encounter against borders that seem impossible? Learn to recognize what is in your body and spirit.

Johan Raaimakers

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