Tibetan tantra massage course en Austria

From 29 may until 3 june 2018Den Bosch

For the first time Johan Raaimakers ( gives a massage course at the beautiful place ”Hof der Sinne” in Austria (Oberösterreich). While this course you will experience the power of Prana and learn how to use Prana to (re)connect with yourself in relation with someone else. Moreover, we offer several other activities like Mantra singing and Trance dance. That help you to connect on a deeper level and provide you with tools usefull for the rest of your life. A week that will change your life.

The „Tibetian Prana Flow“ massage course is built up from the view of the Tibetian Boedhists, where Prana is the guiding principle. In this week you will learn a wide scala of techniques to waken up the Prana in the body that includes facets from the old Sweda massage, Vedic massage, Kashmir massage, duo Yoga and meditative massage. So with bits and peaces from all different linages we will create one intuitive massage session. Next to the techniques and knowledge from the Tibetian Boedhists, the massage course will provide you with insights and observations on yourself as by giving, receiving and really feel, personal processes can be initiated….that is the power of Prana.

For whom is the course meant?

The Tibetan massage course is intended for anyone, male or female of any sexual preference, couples or occasion couples, young or old, married or in love. The past has shown that the lessons learned within the workshop have created positive and valuable effects on life. Tantra is an individual path that is mirrored or reinforced by being connected with one another. 1 + 1 = 3. Here the Tibetan Tantra teaches you the equivalence to the other and raises questions like ‘are you a giver or a receiver? Are you more comfortable to follow or do you like to take the lead? Do you take responsability whithin a touch or will you let someone cross your borders easily? which in turn clogs your energy flow. All are topics that could come up within the safe space that we create during a Tantric massage courses or workshops. As of the International interest the language spoken will be English. German translation can be provided.

The experience:

There is a lot to tell about the content and effects of a Tantric massage workshop, but best is just to experience it yourself. But very importent to mention are the four pillars that the workshop and courses are builton:

– 1. Trust – 2. Surrender – 3. Equivalence – 4. Aimlessness.

These four elements will anchor when Prana (life energy) flows, and just that is what it’s all about in Tibetian Tantra. When Prana is the main energy in the body it will take it’s lead, and as it is neutral energy, you will feel as such. The massage classes have a lasting effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body which in turn creates balance and a sence of peace to live a more conscious life.

The location:

 ”Hof der Sinne”is a well known, beautifull and remote located treasure run by Bettina. She offers a warm welcome, a peacfull space to be just our self and a fantastic – full of love – prepared vegetarian food. All participatns will have to sleep in one of the two dormitorys. Please be aware, that other rooms are not available. Be open minded and see which surprises and treasures this will have for you!

Program (temporary):

  • Theusday may 29: 14 hour arive, 16 hour start introduction, 18 hour dinner, 20 hour session 1 massage.
  • Wednesday may 30: 08 hour breakfast 10 hour session 2 massage, 13 hour lunch, 15 hour session 3 massage, 18 hour diner, 20.30 hour Trance dance.
  • Thurstday may 31: 08 hour breakfast, 10 hour sesion 4 massage, 13 hour lunch, 15 hour session 5 massage, 18 hour diner, eavening is free or to practice massage.
  • Friday 1 june: 08 hour breakfast, 10 hour Quantum light meditatin “The Sunrise of the sun”,  13 hour lunch, 15 hour session 6 massage, 18 hour diner, 20.30 hour music and kirtan singing.
  • Saturday 2 juni: 08 hour breakfast, 10 hour 5 elements massage, 13 hour lunch, 15 uur session 7 massage, 18 hour diner, 20 hour 4 hands massage.
  • Sunday 3 juni:08 hour breakfast, 10 uur massage session, 13 uur lunch, afther lunch closing and departure.

(Subject to changes is posseble)

Costs and Terms:

A copple place in dormitory for 5 nights, 3 vegetarian meals/day, participation in the course: € 1350,–  A deposit of € 350,–  within 5 days after registration is needed. The rest is to be payed in location.  If you cancel until 4 weeks before start of the course, a fee of 50% of the deposit is charged. In case of cancellation within the 4 weeks before the start of the course or an early termination of the program the full amount of the deposit is owed.

Tantra prana flow massage

Organisation and contact:

For registration or any questions and needs please feel free to conatct me!


Go to and fill in and sent the form. After your registration you receive a email for desposit and information for the course along with the adress of „Hof der Sinne“, a list of things to bring, how to find the place and more travel informations.

The team:

This international team arround Johan will be with you at this course. Be sure that a combined experience and knowledge of different life philosophys, teachings and techniques will be available for you. For a personal biographys please visit their homepages.

Namaste from the team!




  • Johan Raaimakers

  • Alexander Demmler

  • Andrea Feneberg



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